Buyer Protection – Secure Payment

Are you worrying about your payment is unsafe?
DO NOT worry, we are reliable reseller in the world. We use 256-bit encryption in SSL secure to protect transfering datas (your information) between us and payment gateway.

All payments are processed via an SSL connection and our online payment provider is fully PCI DDS Level 1 compliant which guarantees you that your payment information is safe.

Who is Qwikpay.org?
Qwikpay is a Visa / Master company, an E-commerce credit card payment system management company. Customers process online payments, streamline online fraud management, and simplify payment security. They provides online payment management solutions to over many merchants globally across multiple industries.

How can I know my data is protected or my payment is safe?
It will have green https:// with a locked-locker, it means your payment is protected.

Opposite, if you see red https:// with an unlocked-locker, it means you are unsafe and unsecure.

Then, you can click on the green locked-locker to verify their certificate. It will show "Connection is secure". Your information (for example, passwords or credit card numbers) is private when it is sent to this site(Valid HTTPS) and you will get their encrypted data with vailded certificate.

If there is bad case, which thing I will lose and how i can get them back?
Dont worry, because we use SSL.

Another, on CARD Organization policy, they provide 6 months to get back your money if you can prove that is unauthorized payment. For this case, you can call to your bank and get their help.

If you have any questions or need additional information, do not hesitate contact us!


Payment methods and service fees

Which payment methods we support? We only support these payment gateways:

Credit Card & Debit Card: VISA, MasterCard
PayPal (Requires acceptable)
Amazon Payments (VISA, Discover, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, American Express, UnionPay)
Webmoney (WMZ)
Bitcoin & Altcoin
Account Credit (Requires deposit)

Service fees will be updated when you select each payment method.

Credit Card & Debit Card: 20%
PayPal: 20%
Anothers: 0%

If you have any questions or need additional information, do not hesitate contact us!


Duplicate payment (Charge twice)

Your card statement was record 2 payment from us for 1 order. That's why?
When you submit your payment, please do not pay 2 times.

But you DO NOT worry, just write an email to support@shopkey.net, we will refund one payment.


Pay by Account Credit (Account balance)

You can make payment through your account credit (account balance).

How to do? When you place your order, you must select the "Use Credits" option to apply your account credit (account balance) to your cart amount. Then click "Proceed to Checkout", if you credit is lower cart amount, you have to pay the rest on Total amount.

How can I get account credit (account balance)? You must to buy Credits at https://shopkey.net/buy-credits.html. If you buy $100 on your credit, your account will be credited $100


Order Verification

- In a few cases, you need to verify your information. We know it will make you confused and annoying.

Our apologies for this inconvenience, Why you get this request? Because your order informations are matched between your billing information and your payment information.

To protect buyer out card stolers, you must prove you are card owners if we dont hear any information from you within 24 hours, your order will be cancelled.

- Information we need from you, we hope we can have great cooperation with you.

Your card statement, must have the order's transaction or your card, it must be show the last 4 digits (another, you can hide them).
Your ID card or your passport.

We hope you understand, what we do and we will keep your information is safe and private. Your information will be kept 6 months when your transaction is created then it will be removed!

If there is some problem on your information because us, we are responsible before the law.

All information, please send them to support@shopkey.net with title included your order ID.



We have some complaints about the Premium Account and Premium Key/Voucher. Please read and understand what it is.

- Premium Key/Voucher: It is sent in an email's content or SMS, it has many words content [a-z] [0-9].
- Premium Account: It is sent in an email's content or SMS also, you will see it as Username / Password. You can use it to log into filesharing service without activation.
Order ID: Order ID will show on email title. It only has number from [0-9], example #100056789

Order ID is not Premium Key/Voucher, and Premium Key/Voucher is not order ID. Premium Key/Voucher contains numbers and words is different than Order ID contains number only.
You can not use Premium Account to log in to ShopKey.net, please login to the filesharing service.

Example: You bought Rapidgator Premium Coupon, we send you an Rapidgator Premium Coupon, you can only login that account on Rapidgator website, you never login it at ShopKey.net


How to cancel an order?

If the order is processing, you just ignore payment instruction email.
Or you can request us to cancel any processing order.

If the order is completed and delivered, we can cancel your order if premium key/coupon have not used, and refund your payment. In case it is used, we do not offer refund except special case was stated in Refund policy.


How to place an order?

It's fast and simple. Follow our instructions to keep your way becomes better.

1. On home page, simply select filesharing service, then choose premium package and click BUY NOW. You will be redirected to secure checkout page.

2. Fill your payment information at payment gateway, click Checkout button.

3. Open your email to get payment instruction and Pay for your order.

Get your product in Inbox & SMS in minutes.


How to activate Premium Key/Voucher?

It's never been so easy. Please refer to our guide here: https://shopkey.net/category/activation-premium


What is the lead-time to process my order?

The processing lead-time of your order depends on the mean of payment you have chosen. Usually it should not exceed 3 minutes for on-line payments. Orders paid by other means shall be completed within 6 hours once the payment is received to our bank accounts or to our intermediate payment account.[...]

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